New Q-clone libraries

All my presets are now here

Just posted a short ten minute tutorial on using q-clone for those interested.

Q-clone tutorial from Henry Olonga on Vimeo.

Demo of samples

I have updated my Webstore
with a few new Q-clone libraries including a whopping with all my libraries. About five and half thousand presets in total to cover almost all colour additive mixing conditions. Used with a regular high quality eq for notching like the Sonnox eq you should be able to create very analog like sounding mixes. Used in conjunction with nebula, your mixes will just shine.This is a generous £40 for all my presets which is a 20 % discount.

I also have also added another six products A subtle Neeve eq, Colour mix pro which is an expansion of my original free set to 2000 presets.Two Pooltechs, Silky mastering and mixing shelves a Passive eq and my original Smooth and Superlative eqs remain.


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