Panasonic GH1 HD

Well,well,well.I have had my eye on this puppy for a while.It promises to be the most revolutionary camera of the decade in my humble opinion.Yes the RED one is miles ahead in many regards such as frame rate options,time lapse,RAW codecs etc but for once the indie filmaker has a few things on his side in one camera.Affordable price,portability,a huge sensor,( hopefully great low light performance), interchangeable lenses,( including Leica lenses – yum yum ), DOF control,24p and HDMI output.Panasonic have put quite a bit of thought into this camera and if it offers uncompressed HDMI output then I am sold.I was down to buy a Canon 5D Mark II until I realised that Canon had deliberately crippled the camera.No manual control,uncompressde HDMI or 24p.I cancelled my pre-order.
Well as for Panasonic I wrote to them in January and enquired about the possiblity to test the GH1 HD.They turned me down he he.Not enough clout I suppose….



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