New Mastering EQ Q-clone library available now……….

All my presets are now here

Well – I have been busy again – sampling as usual and this time I have a thing of real beauty. Not much to say apart from that you will LOVE IT!!!! It is a mastering eq that has to be heard to be believed – AIR anyone????? Q-clone does it again – capturing the sound of analog for your mastering pleasure in the digital realm. This eq can cost many thousands if you can even find a well maintained working one that is. A little goes a long way as well. I sampled most of it in 0.5 db steps except the notches which are in 1 db steps so it was a mission to do coming out at over 1000 presets for this baby alone.

You can try the demo with around about over a hundred presets HERE

I hope you will enjoy this very nice collection and that it enhances your mixing and mastering duties

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