Borough meeting video

I was asked by one of the organisers (Wolfy)of a borough wide church meeting to make a short video of ‘the Lord’s prayer’ in various areas of the borough.This will be shown at the Hammersmith town hall in about a couple of weeks.
I went out with a nice cast and we filmed in a few local locations.I will update this post with the finished video when it is done.This time I left the SGblade and the HFS10 behind but instead opted for the Sony SR11 and the portable Cineform recorder.Attached to a Gorillapod the setup was nice and portable and no tripod was used.Made for a nice change.This setup also did not attract too much attention either so the smaller the package is the more discreet the shooting and I loved that today.I have updated my cineform recorder as well so it is more robust now.Man tyhe number of times I wished it was a light portable GH1 – recording to cineform.

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