New Mastering EQ Q-clone library available now……….

All my presets are now here

Well – I have been busy again – sampling as usual and this time I have a thing of real beauty. Not much to say apart from that you will LOVE IT!!!! It is a mastering eq that has to be heard to be believed – AIR anyone????? Q-clone does it again – capturing the sound of analog for your mastering pleasure in the digital realm. This eq can cost many thousands if you can even find a well maintained working one that is. A little goes a long way as well. I sampled most of it in 0.5 db steps except the notches which are in 1 db steps so it was a mission to do coming out at over 1000 presets for this baby alone.

You can try the demo with around about over a hundred presets HERE

I hope you will enjoy this very nice collection and that it enhances your mixing and mastering duties

New Free reverbs for Acustica Nebula Pro 3

Hey Everyone. This is a drums reverb for Nebula and it absolutely kicks some serious you know what when it comes to giving your drums a space. It has depth, 3D quality, power and life. Sampled at 96 khz this is a serious CPU hog but there are no compromises here. Sorry – if you have a slow computer – good luck. It also weighs in at 270 MBs so make sure you have plenty of RAM and a cutting edge computer.

Give your tracks dimension and depth that other reverbs cannot give. Distortion is also recorded so this will give your track power like nothing else. I hope you like it.

I really need to fix the preset as it was one of the first attempts at sampling but alas it is in the wild already. I must apologise to one and all who had the shock of their lives on loading it so after downloading and please apply this fix.

First turn the FX slider down to taste. From the nebula front page Click edit – top right corner. Click glob – third from left on the bottom. Click on the Pad out setting so it is highlighted. Adjust to -40 db using the second fader on the right ( or decide what the sweet spot is for you). Make sure that the Pad in setting is 0. That should buy you about 12 or so dbs.
If it is still too hot adjust the PAD in setting as well. Turn it down as much as needed.
Click exit. Click save – top right hand corner. Job done. . This works on a per preset basis of course and you can use it to adjsut other troublesome presets like some more of my ahem earlier presets attempts.

Best wishes.




Get my second free preset DRUMS INTIMATE HERE

Two new Q-clone libraries guys

All my presets are now here

I have just added two more libraries to my arsenal.

Transparent Filters These filters will give you a shockingly clear mix so that rumble, mud and high frequency sound are eliminated. Emulated on one of the most expensive digital consoles ever made. This is a bargain. Fiver

New EQ for nebula from CDSOUNDMASTER.COM – Focal Point 115HD EQ.

The best nebula developer has just released another smashing success guys. The rare Focal Point 115HD EQ. It is a very very good tracking eq with a unique character. Check it out here. This is Michael’s best so far IMHO. Smooth, creamy – hmmmmmmm awe just go and buy it…

New Q-clone libraries

All my presets are now here

Just posted a short ten minute tutorial on using q-clone for those interested.

Q-clone tutorial from Henry Olonga on Vimeo.

Demo of samples

I have updated my Webstore
with a few new Q-clone libraries including a whopping with all my libraries. About five and half thousand presets in total to cover almost all colour additive mixing conditions. Used with a regular high quality eq for notching like the Sonnox eq you should be able to create very analog like sounding mixes. Used in conjunction with nebula, your mixes will just shine.This is a generous £40 for all my presets which is a 20 % discount.

I also have also added another six products A subtle Neeve eq, Colour mix pro which is an expansion of my original free set to 2000 presets.Two Pooltechs, Silky mastering and mixing shelves a Passive eq and my original Smooth and Superlative eqs remain.


Mammoth EQ from ANALOG IN THE BOX!!!

Well guys – it is finally here. The most anticipated release of 2010 in the nebula community is here – it is called the Mammoth EQ and it is released by Analog in the box. This EQ is the nuts and it is the sweetest thin I have ever heard in the box if I may so. I have been beta testing it and it is the best emulation/sampling bar none that I have ever heard of this make of eq. Never harsh and always respectful of the audio.
If you own nebula and are a mastering/mix engineer who works ITB – this is a no brainer – in fact – at 15 Euros, it’s a steal.

Long live Nebula!!!!!! What are you waiting for go and buy it…… you won’t regret it.

The best Nebula producer on the planet

Hey guys – just thought I would let you in on a little secret that is well known in some audio circles. There is one developer out there who stands head and shoulders above the rest in the sampling world and his name is Michael Angel. he is one of the nicest chaps I have had the pleasure of dealing with and his stuff is absolutely first class. Don’t waste money on buying inferior products for more cash. This guy makes the best libraries for Nebula and you can support his amazing work here at his website. . He also happens to be a man of great faith which I admire greatly.

His libraries are the best value in the whole world of pro audio and once you get your head around nebula it is just hands down the best software effects machine period. It does eqs, compressors,reverbs and much more and costs a pittance.

Scrunch EQ expansion pack for Waves q-clone

‘Scrunch – expansion pack for Waves Q-clone’. The crunchy mix….

All my presets are now here

I am very excited to offer the third expansion pack of this nature available anywhere to my knowledge.
This package is modelled on a desk that Bob Marley recorded on in the 70s. It can be described as gritty when you want a harsher sound. This release works well in tandem with my first release Superlative EQ and also smooth EQ . Superlative Eq is a slightly harder sound, glassy perhaps or diamond topped as they say and smooth eq is softer.
This package took me a few days to put together so I hope you will appreciate the time and effort put into making this a tool for your super fast mixing.
This set of presets is sampled to the highest specifications such that the difference between the sampled hardware and the sample you use is in the magnitude of negligible. This is truly analog sound in the box with no compromises. This set is sampled using Orpheus by Prismsound and is considered by some to be among some of the best convertors in the world. I have used short DIY gold tipped cables to connect the hardware to the box so there is virtually no loss in quality.
Don’t settle for emulations costing far more and sounding inferior. Get great quality presets from my blog in the coming months.
Welcome to a new way of mixing. Basically I have taken the hard work out of your hands by spending hours studying recordings to find settings on my hardware that are generic enough to be used by a wide range of people on a wide range of instruments. But you might say – what if I don’t like your mixing decisions……don’t worry – I have given you plenty of wiggle room as each folder has numerous presets with subtle and also vast differences.
Next unzip the package and place the folder anywhere but in the Q-clone folder as it slows down the loading and the menu system is not that intuitive. I suggest you place them anywhere and use the load dialogue. On windows set the open dialogue explorer window to ‘list’ so that all the presets are visible without the need to scroll. The way to do this is to right click – go to view – and choose list. Not sure of a Mac.
The package contains 500 presets. They are grouped by instrument but please note that some instruments from the same family differ so much in timbre that no preset is perfect every time. However because there are so many you will find that some presets overlap in their usability. A preset made for a piano may well suit electric guitars and those made for kick drum may well work on bass. There are no effective rules so please just go ahead and experiment with what sounds work for you.
At this point perhaps you may want to download my other free offering that compliments this library perfectly from my blog . This package you want to unzip- and place in your q-clone presets folder which is in the Waves folder in program files. This is because you want to have this available to you in the preset menu. This will come in handy when you like a preset but wished it had an adjustment somewhere such as less bass: in that case you could use the high end tracking eqs low shelf to
remedy this or use the other eqs in Q-clone. Simply use the add feature in q-clone to add the adjustment using this high end tracking eq. And it also allows you to mix just with that particular eq and avoid my decisions altogether – but what’s the fun in that hey…..
You may also want my other presets library ‘colour mix’ which adds even more flexibility to mixing. . Some eye opening stuff there. Again – probably best not to place it in your q-clone presets as it is a vast library.
Once you have unzipped the ‘Scrunch eq expansion pack for Waves Q-clone’ and placed it in a convenient location such as the audio drive you use, you will want to take this package for a test run………..q-clone is so simple that even a novice could mix with it………just click load, chose a preset and off you go.If you like it ….great – if you don’t, try another until you smile……..
I suggest you use these first in your chain on a track. Obviously the buss stuff is exempt but I find that with the tight kits for example – if I compress after the Q-clone preset with a good compressor like CL 1B or Sonnox dynamics, it sounds crazy good. The full mix and drum folders may help lift your mixes to give them a more polished sound. You may want to use these sparingly but on the right material these can be incredible. Once in a while there is a bizarre bug in the plugin that may either make the volume 12 Dbs or – 48 Dbs. So if you get your head blown off or hear nothing – check the level meter. All of the presets were sampled at unity gain so simply get things back to zero and re-save the preset.
Also because of this please make sure you trim your track input by maybe 15 – 20 Dbs. In Cakewalk Sonar I just go all the way to minus 18.This is good audio gain staging anyway. There are also some really loud presets so please take care when loading them. Never run the plugin into the RED – it does not saturate so clipping is hard digital clipping that is very unpleasant. Please leave a comment on my blog if you enjoy the use of these samples and if you really dig them it will be of great encouragement to me to sample more stuff.
The other thing you could consider is sampling your own gear and sharing that too…..
Good luck mixing with this, it is my first Preset packaged eq for Q-clone and I hope it gives you

Best wishes


Free Nebula Power distortion effect



All my Q-clone presets are now here

Get it here

Mega distortion is a distortion type effect that adds power and warmth to any instrument or mix. I made it using a unique signal chain. There is a slight levelling that happens as well allowing details buried deeper in the mix to come to the front. This effect is also useful in beefing up thin recordings. Try it on lame drums or a weak piano.
Sampled at 96 khz using Prismsound Orpheus convertors this is a no nonsense – no compromise effect. Ten distortion kernels means that this is a CPU hog so if you don’t have a fast machine – God bless you.
EQ first, perhaps with my free Q-clone libraries then place this baby into the mix and hear your mix come alive with power and analog warmth.
Use the input fader and drive knob together to increase the effect. The louder the signal is the more distortion you hear. On a loud mix you can really hear the effect. The effect adds gain so turn the output down a tad to avoid clipping your output and do avoid extreme gain settings – Nebula has its limits.
Hope you like it.
Best wishes and God bless
Henry Olonga
Get more free and exciting sampling products on my blog in the coming months.
Bookmark my blog as I will be releasing more free stuff in the near future.

Acustica audio’s Nebula sampling

In the coming months I will be starting to do sampling for Acustica audio’s Nebula.Not sure what I will start with but stay tuned.