Two new websites launched.

Just in case you may have missed my movements in the last few weeks, I have just launched a new website to sell my book and another for my nebula presets.

My books new website is easy to follow as it is the title of the book…..Blood, sweat and treason

My nebula presets website is equally easy to find. Get your nebula programs and presets here and say hello to a new way of mixing…..Nebula Presets


Had a blast today on the sofa


Had a blast today on tms. No no no not test match special.

Daniel, Tom, Rosy and Sb were so cool to hang out with. Thanks guys for having me. Sponsor these guys. This is great cricket coverage with a humourus twist. Loved it.

Had the chance to chat about the newly released paperback edition of blood sweat and treason.

My book out now in paperback

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Hey Guys, just thought I would let you all know that my book Blood, sweat and treason , my story , is now in paperback format. I have been truly humbled by the reponse to my autobiography. It has been nominated for three British book awards in the last 11 months ( never won though ) and I have very positive feedback from people who have read it. So thank you all for supporting me and I really hope that you have found my story worth reading. Thanks to the media and my publishers as well who have been wonderful in their support.

The paperback edition and also the newest hardcopy has an extra chapter bringing everything up to date so if you haven’t yet purchased my book you can get extra. Waterstones have kindly offered to stock the book better this year so do support them if you get the chance.

Waterstones website –

Paperback version

Waterstones website –
the ebook version

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Sample Chapter of Blood,Sweat and Treason.

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Here is a sample chapter made available by my publishers VSP for your perusal of Blood sweat and treason.

Here is the PDF file to peruse Henry_Olonga_Blood_Sweat_and_Treason_Sample_Chapter

Southern African distribution of Blood, Sweat and Treason

I have been reliably informed by my publishers VSP that the book will be available in SA and Botswana through ‘Exclusive Books‘.

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

So ends a busy week of media

This week was a week in which the promotion of my book took over most of my life – boy was I tired after it all. Follow what I do on facebook

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

New competition to win a copy of Blood, Sweat and Treason

Check it out on my facebook page

Matabeleland massacres. Henry interviews Ryton Dzimiri – part 1

I have just uploaded a video I did with a gentleman who was an eye witness to the Zimbabwean government’s fifth brigade atrocities. This is part one of the interview. Part two will be up next Monday I hope.

Henry Olonga interviews Ryton Dzimiri – Part One of Four from Henry Olonga on Vimeo.

Book goes out today folks – blood, sweat and treason.

My book goes out today and any books purchased in my store will be signed

Two more days to go to Blood, Sweat and Treason

Two more days to go to the release of my book