I will be attending Zimfest this year all going well

For all the Zimbos out there – I have been invited back to Zimfest this year thanks to the team at ‘We Zimbabwe’. I will be giving a short talk on the Friday and also signing books and singing on the Saturday fingers crossed… hope to see you there – 3rd and 4th of September – details to follow

Win a copy of Blood sweat and treason.

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

I am doing a competition on facebook that will allow you the chance to win a copy of my up coming book Blood,sweat and treason. You will need to be my friend to take part of course.

The competition is simple. Download the mp3 file on my wall and make your own version of Our Zimbabwe and the winner gets to own the book and few other things thrown in. There will be runner up prizes as well so get cracking.

All the best and have fun – passion is more important than quality

So much going on now………..Our Zimbabwe song contest

This coming week is going to be a very hectic week as we build up to the launch of my book Blood sweat and treason!

I have so much going on now. I will be holding a competition on my facebook page. I will upload an mp3 backtrack that people will then lay a vocal over.

Good luck!!!!!!

Blood, sweat and Treason – Henry Olonga Autobiography – One week left to pre order

Well guys – one more week to pre – order and the free mp3 download ends I am afraid. I may run another promotion but we will wait and see.

Buy it now

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

I am now on twitter

Still don’t see the point of it all but maybe I will fall in love with the tech.


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Blood, Sweat & Treason, My Story. To be released July 19, 2010 – Preorder now

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

PRE ORDER now and recieve a FREE Aurelia download.

Sports book meets real-life thriller in this sensational autobiography of Henry Olonga, the former Zimbabwean cricketer whose black armband protest against Robert Mugabe at the 2003 World Cup saw him branded a traitor, accused of treason in his absence and forced to dramatically flee his homeland and his family.

Blood, Sweat And Treason tells the story of Olonga’s childhood, of his gradual realisation that he was living in a country ruled by a dictator, of his battle to reach the top as a black cricketer and, ultimately, how he sacrificed that position to do something that he hoped would make a difference.

Henry Olonga put his life at risk, but he got the chance to make a new life in England. In this incredible book he tells his extraordinary story in pin-point detail, leaving nothing to the imagination.

ISBN: 9781905326815

Format: Hardback

Pages: 288

Size: 325 x 150

Weight: 740grammes

Illustrations: 8pp Plate section

Next few months

busy busy busy.
New album,new music videos,new gallery,new cricket season.Stay posted and we will keep you updates right here.

Up and running……….

Well after a week of sifting through code like you cannot believe – I finally have the site up and away.Had to make changes to accomodate all the new info.Hope you like it.

Mugabe and the White African

I went and saw this film with my wife and father in law at a special screening at the Princesss Anne theatre.It was very,very moving and highlights the problems that Zimbabwe has with its leadership and how the problem of racism is not only in one direction in Zimbabwe.
May positive change come soon and may God be with Ben and Laura Freeth and along with Michael and Angela Campbell and the rest of the family in this difficult time.Our prayers and thoughts are with them and also all the nameless faces of the many farm workers they employ who have likewise suffered at the hands of such a terrible tyranny.

As I am going into short films myself I have a few observations from a techincal viewpoint – of course I may be wrong. It was shot as a documentary and as such one could get away with shaky archive footage and blown highlights etc. appeared to have an expensive camera look from the bokeh and depth of field but not sure what was used.Most of it was shot covertly so it would have had to have been small.It had I think a six blade aperture so it was a professional camera.There was a bit of aliasing from scaling so am not sure if it was shot in HD or whether an interlaced camera was used.I am not sure whether it was projected digitally but if it was transferred to film then then would have added an extra step,cost and loss of some resolution.At the end of the day – content is king and even though there were isssues with the picture I hardly cared as the movie was so moving.

An Evening with Henry Olonga

Title: An Evening with Henry Olonga
Location: St Nicholas Church, Mill Lane, BA2 6TU
Description: Herny will be sharing about his cricket and faith as well as entertaining you with some singing.
Start Time: 20:00
Date: 2009-03-24
End Time: 20:00