My chronic sinusitis – found a sure cure? I think I did…………

This is not any medical advice so please speak to your medical professional for that. However I would like to let anyone else out there who has had the misfortune of contracting this really debilitating ailment that there is hope.

Short story – I developed a cough after catching a virus late last year. My sinuses were clear at first but soon after a few days the inevitable happened and the infection moved from my throat to my nose. First it was stuffy and then at its worst, both nostrils got blocked. I tried everything and it got so bad that the infection led me to have root canal treatment as I thought it was my tooth. The sinuses interact with the teeth so not sure whcih infection came first. I had taken a course of anti biotics and nothing helped and after the dentist appointmenet my sinus issues remained unresolved.

Then the worst came. Yellow thick mucous that blowing could not move. I would wake up every morning in dread with that thick congealed feeling, unable to move it out even with hard blowing. My eardrums were taking a pounding and I was worried about doing damage to them. Couldn’t sleep because I had to breathe through my mouth, constantly stuffy, had an aweful frontal headache, moved sometimes form one nostril to the other, went through layers of tissues and worst of all – because I am a singer – couldn’t really perform.

It was driving me crazy and I didn’t want to get another round of antibiotics. I searched the web and found out that I was not alone and there was much useful advice out there.

I tried nasal irrigation ( neti pot )for a few weeks with bicarbonate of soda and sea salt. Didn’t really help at all. Just made me feel like I was swimming in the sea and it stung like crazy. Made things worse in some cases.

Then I tried to do it with Manuka honey in the neti and that was worse. Manuka Honey has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is highly recommended for this sort of thing. It was sticky – but at least it was sweet down the back of my throat.

I abandoned that as well after a short while. Too complicated.

I then went to a health shop and bought some more Manuka Honey 22+, Aloe Vera and some Haitian Noni as a super health shake. Made a cordial fruit juice with it but progress was slow and I tried that for a few weeks.

Finally I settled on a plan that has worked and is also not uncomfortable at all and has cured me of my chronic infection to the point where I can say I am clear. No thick disoloured mucous and no blockage. Just fresh air and it worked failry quickly. Hallelujah!!!

After much research – I bought a colloidal silver spray with a nostril tip which I spray into my nostrils three times a day ( while I inhale – to get it deep into the sinuses ) and I also have a hot cup of strong coffee with a tablespoon of Manuka honey every three or four hours. I cannot explain it but the synergistic action of the coffee and the manuka honey has seen me make the biggest progress I have had so far. This combined with the colloidal silver’s attributes has been a God send – Within two weeks I was cured using this combination.

This may help someone else out there who may have tried everything else and found no relief. Trust me – even surgery had crossed my mind at its worst. Your mileage may vary but I hope this will give you respite.

Update……..been completely cured for two months now.