Astounding DSD recordings

Free DSD recordings

I stumbled across this site to find out more about DSD recordings as I have a KORG MR-1000 and my jaw hit the floor. The quality is nothing short of astounding and it sounds like you are in the room where it was all recorded.

Korg Audiogate is the free playback software from korg and it is the best audio player I have ever heard. It is even better than Foobar in my humble opinion. Don’t buy into tens of thousands of pounds on HIFI gear. Just get perhaps a Prismsound Orpheus ( it’s what the pros use top MAKE music ) and this software and you are good to go for the highest quality playback system you can imagine.

Our Zimbabwe 2011 is finally here!!!

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The Live performance is from a few years ago and is not on the single but for your listening pleasure. If you can ignore the bum notes. It was recorded to DSD.

BUY OUR ZIMBABWE now using PAYPAL for only £ 1 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:19:end]

This is a 124 MB download.

BUY The Original OUR ZIMBABWE now using PAYPAL for only £ 3 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:16:end]

This is a 33 MB download.

Please do not use a download accelerator as this will only cause problems on your end.

I am very excited to release this new version of Our Zimbabwe ten years after the original version captured the hearts of many patriotic Zimbabweans. A lot of hard work went into producing this single and this time around I had the privilege of working with a very talented producer Andy Wright. The mastering was handled by the wonderful skills of Michael Angel a man who did this for no reward but just to lend a helping hand along the way. Thanks to them for doing a sterling job. Andrew Baird had some rehashed arrangement work, Bruce Izzett made an appearance playing the organ and James Watson played electric guitar and ebow.
You will find three files in the download. A flac file which is a 24 bit studio quality file for audiophiles that requires compatible hardware/ software. I recommend Korg’s free Audiogate software if you do not have high end hardware or software and it will use the built in sound card of your computer. I have also included a CD quality mp3 file and finally a sing along file. The Karaoke file is something that many people have been asking me about for years so I have included this so that people can use it to sing at parties, functions etc. please note that it is a mono file and is not suitable for high quality production. Any commercial use is not permitted but I can supply a commercial license on request with a high quality stereo file.
The original version of our Zimbabwe is still available to purchase in mp3 format in my my web store and the skills of Andrew Baird will lead to my releasing some more material in the coming months that I worked on with him recently. Please keep checking my website for updates and follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you wish.
Thanks so much for supporting me by buying my music. Best wishes and please kindly recommend my music to others. God Bless you.
Henry Olonga

Our Zimbawe 2011 full info with website links PDF

Music rollout begins this week

My long worked on projects are almost there and I will begin the rollout starting tomorrow with Our Zimbabwe

Steinberg Rupert neve vst plugin light review


Plugin shootout in 24 bit 96 khz wav format

Just did a quick and unscientific shoot out between AlexB’s MWeq against the super expensive new release by Steinberg.All of this is subjective of course and what I call nice may be another’s poison.

The coding is exceptional and those Yamaha tech heads know how to make good algorithms. It was Close close close.

I have one portico 5033 and of course passing audio through even just with the bands engaged is an experience and I use it exclusively for vocals at mixdown.

My subjective feelings as far as ratings go are that obviously first is the Hardware – then Alexb’s version, then the plugin. I also did a quick shootout with Q-clone and the plug and q-clone were similiar although Q-clone gave a less zippy high end. The low end was much nicer with Q-clone as well.

After all has been said and done – Alexb’s rocks and is a fraction of the price. If people knew more about Nebula they wouldn’t shell out close to half the value of the harwdare for a plug. It does have a couple of advantages though – the plugin is CPU light and has all the bands available at once.

Guess if you want clean transparent then the plugin will make you very, very happy ………and a little poorer. If you want a little more warmth, depth and less clinical – Nebula.

Just my two cents but perhaps others may wish to chime in. 😀

Just joking

A devoted wife had spent her lifetime taking care of her husband.
When he was slipping in and out of a coma for several months, she stayed by his bedside every single day.
When he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer.
As she sat by him, he said, “You know what? You have been with me all through the bad times.
“When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business failed, you were there. When I got shot, you were by my side. When we lost the house, you gave me support. When my health started failing, you were still by my side.
“You know what? ”
“What, dear? ” his wife asked gently.
“I think you bring me bad luck. “

Just joking

LOL . . . . . A bus filled with politicians was driving through the countryside one day, on the campaign trail. The bus driver,
caught up in the beautiful scenery, loses control and crashes into the ditch.
A farmer living nearby hears the horrible crash and rushes out to discover the wreckage. Finding the politicians he buries them.
The next day, the police come to the farm to question the man. “So you buried all the politicians? ” asked the police officer. “Were they all dead? “
The farmer answered, “Some said they weren’t, but you know how politicians lie. “

Vienna Suite personal review

Vienna suite is a host of plugins made by the superlative samples producer VSL. I have been a VSL user since the early days when they only had the full library in Giga format and since having moved to Vienna instruments I must say the company has remained at the forefront of the most realistic sample libraries and also innovative software solutions for orchestra emulations.

The Vienna suite is comprised of in their words – ” ten high-precision audio processing
plug-ins for mixing and mastering on all major 64-bit and 32-bit
host DAWs”.

These plugins are of the highest quality if transparency and total respect for the integrity of your audio is paramount. Make no mistake, just because these plugins are made mainly for VSLs own orchestration packages does not mean that they are useless for general mixing. They are laden with highly useful presets and great starting points. I shot them out against my Sonnox dynamics plugin and IMHO the compressor came up trumps although Sonnox is more feature laden. The VSL comp has a clearer rendition with no distortion in opto mode.

Both eqs are wonderful in their resolution and the mastering EQ rivals many plugins costing many times the price of the whole package. They seem to neither add their own character nor distort the signal. Simply massaging it in the chosen direction. My GML 2032s are getting jealous because they cannot work ITB and sound as transparent.

The panner makes true stereo liberation a possibilty in my Sonar DAW. Channel tools may see less work from now on.

The Hybrid Reverb is the best convolution reverb I have in my arsenal. I have waves IR1, Gigapulse,Reverberate, Perfectspace and others and this reverb sounds incredible against them.

The rest of the tools are icing on the cake.

The best part about the Vienna suite is that you get THREE licenses on purchase. In other words if you buy three Vienna keys ( USB elicenser by Steinberg – £20 each ) you can put a license on each key and have one for a workstation, one for the laptop and one as a spare in case anything happens.

Highly recommended. € 475 download. £ 420 boxed. VSL site