Plumtree school in need of help

I received and e-mail from a well wisher and this was what she had to say

‘Had some interesting news from a young guy who is now in Botswana and a lawyer I think (unfortunately I am away from the office at the moment and the information is on my main computer – but I think it was an Ndebele name, Ncube perhaps ??) … Anyway he and a friend had decided to go over the border and visit their alma mater in the shape of Plumtree … and they were utterly devastated that the school had not a single window intact, desks and chairs were strewn all over the lawns, etc. and the thing that seemed to upset them most was that the running track was overgrown and cracked. They apparently tackled the headmaster (himself an old boy) and found him absolutely beaten – his comment was that the parents said things like “our children come here to be educated, not to be disciplined in the old traditions” These guys offered to come back and talk to an assembly about their school days and he seemed enthusiastic about that, but they are still waiting for the invitation. So sad. I thought you might be interested.’