Fender Passport blown speaker……or not

I grabbed my gorgeous Fender Passport PD-250 to see if I could fix one of the speakers that had developed some distortion. Now it is getting on in years – almost 10 now. I though perhaps it was in need of a new driver or something. You see this little beauty has served me well over the last few years allowing me to travel all over the UK with amazing sound for all my gigs and not have to rely heavily on local sound systems that can be very, very unpredictable. Problem was that one of my speakers had started seeming to distort and was now annoying. I had to look under the hood and see if I could see any obvious tears in the diaphragm or cone. Would you believe it. Nothing. Not even a hint of it. I stand in awe of the workmanship by Fender. It is one beautifully crafted piece of kit. The Speakers look like they can last a lifetime as well actually. Then it occurred to me that perhaps some speaker wiring was vibrating against the speaker enclosure. Well what do you know. A few screws taken apart, a little bit of adhesive pads and all is much improved. Not perfect but ten times better. It seems it was never a blown speaker after all. Just a lot of cabling pressing against the sides. Now Fender to their credit glue as much as they can to prevent this but some guys could get lose after many years. So there ya go. Before sending it back to Fender for a costly repair bill – check your cables.