Hello world!

Hello there and thanks for passing by.This is my brand new blog and over the next few weeks and months I will be updating the Blog with my experiences,photo and video shoots and also snippetts of my music as well.With regards to my music I will in particular be looking at the art of binaural recording and how it can create the most realistic audio experience on headphones.Short films and also some of my speeches may make an appearance once in a while so look out for them.Please feel free to leave comments and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy passing by my site.God bless.One life to live so …make it all count.

Make it all count
Make it all count

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  1. Hi Henry,

    Thank you so much for your talk tonight in Hordle. It was really excellent. If you and Tara ever want to come and stay and take some footage or just chill on the South Coast get in touch and we’d love to have you guys over to the Vicarage!!

    Every blessing,

    Paul Taylor

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