Matabeleland massacres. Henry interviews Ryton Dzimiri – part 1

I have just uploaded a video I did with a gentleman who was an eye witness to the Zimbabwean government’s fifth brigade atrocities. This is part one of the interview. Part two will be up next Monday I hope.

Henry Olonga interviews Ryton Dzimiri – Part One of Four from Henry Olonga on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Matabeleland massacres. Henry interviews Ryton Dzimiri – part 1”

  1. Hi Henry,

    very emotive interview! I would love to see the other 3 parts, but cant find any links……is that because they are not yet available?

    Hope you are well, just ordered a copy of your book, i look forward to reading it.

    Let me know if you are ever working/playing around here (Newbury/Andover) would be great to catch up.

    best regards,


  2. Hi Adam – the rest of the videos are on Vimeo soon. Part two is up now

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