New Free reverbs for Acustica Nebula Pro 3

Hey Everyone. This is a drums reverb for Nebula and it absolutely kicks some serious you know what when it comes to giving your drums a space. It has depth, 3D quality, power and life. Sampled at 96 khz this is a serious CPU hog but there are no compromises here. Sorry – if you have a slow computer – good luck. It also weighs in at 270 MBs so make sure you have plenty of RAM and a cutting edge computer.

Give your tracks dimension and depth that other reverbs cannot give. Distortion is also recorded so this will give your track power like nothing else. I hope you like it.

I really need to fix the preset as it was one of the first attempts at sampling but alas it is in the wild already. I must apologise to one and all who had the shock of their lives on loading it so after downloading and please apply this fix.

First turn the FX slider down to taste. From the nebula front page Click edit – top right corner. Click glob – third from left on the bottom. Click on the Pad out setting so it is highlighted. Adjust to -40 db using the second fader on the right ( or decide what the sweet spot is for you). Make sure that the Pad in setting is 0. That should buy you about 12 or so dbs.
If it is still too hot adjust the PAD in setting as well. Turn it down as much as needed.
Click exit. Click save – top right hand corner. Job done. . This works on a per preset basis of course and you can use it to adjsut other troublesome presets like some more of my ahem earlier presets attempts.

Best wishes.




Get my second free preset DRUMS INTIMATE HERE

8 Responses to “New Free reverbs for Acustica Nebula Pro 3”

  1. Hi!
    Why is it only working with nebula 3 pro?
    I have the nebula 3, it will not work with it?

  2. I have not encoded it for the other versions of nebula like free yet. I have not had time to do so yet. Try udpating to the latest version of Nebula as well and pershaps when I get home in w ahile I may attempt to do other versions

  3. Brilliant work. Thanks a lot.

  4. Will not work with Nebula 3 Free

  5. Hi! I just want to say a big thank you for these reverbs, they’re really adding depth and 3D to my mixes. Good work!

    Where do I get the retro/cool skin for the reverb?


  6. No Worries,
    I cannot remember where I got it from LOL but it is a vintage name

  7. Hi I just wondered if I am supposed to use as send or insert I used as an insert on my kicks and it sounds great 🙂

  8. As a send really. Nothing stopping you from using as an insert however. Whatever works

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