Our Zimbabwe 2011 sneak peak

I have been working on a re-issue of Our Zimbabwe for a while now. This is an unmastered very rough version for those wondering how things are going. Final mastered release will be early/mid December for those who cannot wait for the 10th anniversary in 2011.



5 Responses to “Our Zimbabwe 2011 sneak peak”

  1. This is one of my favourite songs of all time and gives me such fond memories of home. My late dad always said Our Zimbabwe summed up his feelings exactly.

  2. Spot on mate, keep up with the good work boss….our Zimbabwe should be the national anthem and I know many people can agree 🙂

  3. brilliant stuff Henry, this will be my next ringtone. Have always wanted to reproduce this song myself coz it touches my heart. proud of you…

  4. Gave a copy to a guy ex Alll Wiily,who was working as a waiter in Sea Point,Capetown,a couple of years back
    He took it thru to the kichen,where two other Zimbo’s were,A short while later,
    Iwas thanked by three tearful grown young men.Today I picked it up on the web,and one of the guys in the workshop
    were very moved.MAY YOU BE ABLE TO

  5. This blessses my heart Gordon. Do let them know that I hope they enjoy it.

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