Add real Film grain to your projects for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a Five second long free Full HD AVI film grain overlay that I made the other day using some real film scans that I am using in my projects.


It is in the Cineform Codec and you need to download the codec for Mac or PC from their website.

Simply drop it into your NLE and use the OVERLAY transfer mode on your track and Voila. Instant film grain.

I will have some 4K versions up soon as well. I have just had a baby daughter so life gets a little busy. Enjoy and let me know if you like them!!!!!

13 Responses to “Add real Film grain to your projects for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Thanks Henry. Really generous. Can’t wait to test this.

  2. Sweet!

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Nice one, a real life saver, thanks

  4. Hi Henry,
    about first light tutorial
    i not have clear if the flat apparence is by your special hack or from other settings.
    amazing work.

  5. The flat appearance is brought about by my vegas workflow to prepare the footage. This is also on Vimeo.

  6. thanks for answer, and sorry for post in wrong section.

  7. is this creative commons?

  8. Absolutely

  9. Hi, do you have a 4K version yet?

  10. This is great! Do you have any more film grain overlays?

  11. Sorry I don’t – Was into video a while back and now it’s all audio. Perhaps in the future I will make some more. Watch this page.


  12. Another free 35mm film grain footage:

  13. Hola Henry , no soy capaz de descargarlo… me puedes explicar los pasos??… Gracias

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