My chronic sinusitis – found a sure cure? I think I did…………

This is not any medical advice so please speak to your medical professional for that. However I would like to let anyone else out there who has had the misfortune of contracting this really debilitating ailment that there is hope.

Short story – I developed a cough after catching a virus late last year. My sinuses were clear at first but soon after a few days the inevitable happened and the infection moved from my throat to my nose. First it was stuffy and then at its worst, both nostrils got blocked. I tried everything and it got so bad that the infection led me to have root canal treatment as I thought it was my tooth. The sinuses interact with the teeth so not sure whcih infection came first. I had taken a course of anti biotics and nothing helped and after the dentist appointmenet my sinus issues remained unresolved.

Then the worst came. Yellow thick mucous that blowing could not move. I would wake up every morning in dread with that thick congealed feeling, unable to move it out even with hard blowing. My eardrums were taking a pounding and I was worried about doing damage to them. Couldn’t sleep because I had to breathe through my mouth, constantly stuffy, had an aweful frontal headache, moved sometimes form one nostril to the other, went through layers of tissues and worst of all – because I am a singer – couldn’t really perform.

It was driving me crazy and I didn’t want to get another round of antibiotics. I searched the web and found out that I was not alone and there was much useful advice out there.

I tried nasal irrigation ( neti pot )for a few weeks with bicarbonate of soda and sea salt. Didn’t really help at all. Just made me feel like I was swimming in the sea and it stung like crazy. Made things worse in some cases.

Then I tried to do it with Manuka honey in the neti and that was worse. Manuka Honey has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is highly recommended for this sort of thing. It was sticky – but at least it was sweet down the back of my throat.

I abandoned that as well after a short while. Too complicated.

I then went to a health shop and bought some more Manuka Honey 22+, Aloe Vera and some Haitian Noni as a super health shake. Made a cordial fruit juice with it but progress was slow and I tried that for a few weeks.

Finally I settled on a plan that has worked and is also not uncomfortable at all and has cured me of my chronic infection to the point where I can say I am clear. No thick disoloured mucous and no blockage. Just fresh air and it worked failry quickly. Hallelujah!!!

After much research – I bought a colloidal silver spray with a nostril tip which I spray into my nostrils three times a day ( while I inhale – to get it deep into the sinuses ) and I also have a hot cup of strong coffee with a tablespoon of Manuka honey every three or four hours. I cannot explain it but the synergistic action of the coffee and the manuka honey has seen me make the biggest progress I have had so far. This combined with the colloidal silver’s attributes has been a God send – Within two weeks I was cured using this combination.

This may help someone else out there who may have tried everything else and found no relief. Trust me – even surgery had crossed my mind at its worst. Your mileage may vary but I hope this will give you respite.

Update……..been completely cured for two months now.

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  1. Still ok your sinusitis? I am desperate. It is so bad I can’t leave my bed and they dont even find an infection in the scans so they say I dont have it but it is just hooorrrible the pain, mucus, blockage, can’t breath…

  2. Hey Dan, So sorry to hear of your sinusitis. It can be debilitating. I have not been ill again since and even forgot about this article. As soon as I began the CS and honey I was well within a week or two. Months of agony sorted in a week. It had me depressed to be honest. There are many other awesome alternatives out there. I use colloidal silver, the bioptron lamp, ( I use only at the first sign of trouble or after the acute phase. Tends to make things worse in the middle of any kind of illness in my experience ). Netti pot, manuka honey and some have reported great results with apple cider vinegar. Also if truly desperate, perhaps place on your list to try oil of oregano, mixed 1 to 2 with olive oil and apply to the bridge of the nose and under the eyes and nostrils in the sinus area. Be careful because it does burn so don’t get it inside your nostrils or eyes. Check out . Incredible resource. Do a search for sinusitis cures. Good luck

  3. can you please share as which exact colloidal silver did you use. I mean the brand name & concentration for the same.

  4. Hi Dave,
    I make my own. You can get the silver generator online.
    Great stuff to be able to make it yourself . Paid £ 20 on Amazon for about a litre once and vowed never again when it is so easy to make.

  5. I found a product at Sprouts called Colloidial Silver Plus,. It has oregano oil, tea tree oil and colloidal silver. It seems to have “sum is greater than the parts”effect. So far have used it on my face, in my nose, and on my son’s ringworm with good results. Give it time, though, once or twice a day for a couple weeks.

  6. Very interested in your experiences treating chronic sinusitis. I’ve had it for at least 3 years and nothing I’ve tried has worked so far. I can relate to the yellow mucus and stuffiness every morning 🙁 . I also have a recurring cough caused by post nasal drip, which is troublesome, especially at night.

    Just wondering where you got your CS generator from. I’ve found one called a Collgen2 but that retails at $499. Would rather not have to spend that sort of money if cheaper units are available.

  7. Hi David,
    Found mine here. Very simple and effective. Good luck. If you can get a hold of apple cider vinegar it may also be the ticket. I swear by it now. Good luck.

  8. Hi, just came across this. I am going to try this out as I have had many years of misery with my sinuses. Even laser surgery did absolutely nothing (except empty my pockets)! Have you stopped the treatment now or is it ongoing? Thanks.

  9. Hey Joyce,
    I have no problems at all now. Another thing that may help – Oil of oregano on the soles of your feet before going to bed. Use a cotton bud to put a generous layer on your feet, between your toes and put some socks on – don’t handle the oil – it feels like a burn if you get it on sensitive parts he he he. This normally nips things in the bud as well.
    Hope you get relief with some of the ideas.

  10. Another really amazing tool I have added in my fight is an enzyme called serrapeptase. The stuff is incredible at clearing sinuses.
    Also, ever since getting a Vitamix and changing my lifestyle to a living foods diet, I have had less episodes of ill health. Food for thought

  11. Drink Echinacea Tea, add a few drops of tea tree oil to the sinus rinse or try adding a few drops of goldenseal (goldenseal/echinacea combo) to the sinus rinse.
    eat manuka Honey (add manuka honey to the echinacea tea)

    See what works for you. 🙂

  12. Hi, I am desperate to find something which will work on relieving my nasal congestion as my life has come to a stand still… Going to try the manuka honey as I have heard others say this helps with a multitude of problems. I will let you know how I get on just wish someone could magic it here instantly. I’d give anything to just to be able to breathe properly again. Just one question I can’t drink coffee and only drink decaf tea as I find it does help with my anxiety, do you think putting the honey in tea will work in the same way?

  13. Hi Gillian,
    Sorry to hear what you are going through. I have tried so many things that eventually something worked. It can be so frustrating. If it is fungal – and perhaps this may be the case with stubborn issues like mine you may find it rewarding to investigate an anti- fungal course. The internet is replete with completely natural anti fungal remedies that are safe. Anyway – been three years since I had my issues.

  14. Mayo Clinic found that fungus causes Chronic Sinusitis.

  15. Hey Henry, it seems that i have a similar issue with my frontal sinusis. Can you share the experience of the bioptron lamp in treating sinusitis? Thx

  16. Hey Serge,
    Well the lamp is a light you shine on any part of your body that requires bio-stimulation – as they put it. I found that using it sparingly was useful. Too much and it blocked my nose up. Anyway – for what it is worth – after all these years I figured out that there are many causes to sinisitus and related illness. Mine was more than likely fungal and although I nailed the sinuses I then started to get skin stuff happening. Living in the UK it is very wet and moist here in the winter and mould, mildew fungus etc thrive. It is easy to get a candida infection in the gut and the medics won’t help with that one. So I treated myself holistically for candida and my problems went away. Been sinisitus free now for four years. Xylitol, Garlic, gymnaemic tea,probiotics, oil of oregano, don croft zapper, bioptron all played their part. I remember how crazy it made me feel. A colon cleanse with about a tablespoon of Gymnaemic powder and a tablespoon of Xylitol as a pint or so of tea will give you the gut of a baby in about two or so hours. Be warned – make sure you have no plans for the day and no-one is around to be embarassed by your frequent trips to the bathroom. Do it maybe three times in three days. Make sure you replenish with probiotics and enjoy the feeling of having a clear gut and hopefully clear head as well.

  17. I use baking soda in a netty pot and clean my nose three times a day. It helps me tremendously.

  18. Hi Andrew,
    Yes the netty pot was great in that it gave a lot of instant relief – but the clogged up feeling returned soon enough. But as I am sure you know by now – WHATEVER works! I am sooooo glad I am over mine. I am also living outside of London now so perhaps the fresh air has helped he he

  19. Hi I have lost my sense of smell about 3-4 years ago due to my sinusitis infection I tried everything but nothing is helping. If anyone had or have the same problem and have a cure please share it with me coz iam going crazy….thank u

  20. Hello I do hope you guys get better from that soon their is many wonderful things you can try to help yourselves . I had a problem myself in the foot with a infection I know different which was making me faint but Manuka honey for me helped a lot with controlling the pain and making me feel better.

  21. Hi there! I am writing an article for Everydayhealth about ways to manage chronic sinus congestion. I was hoping you would be willing to share your experiences – especially what has worked – with our readers. I’d also need your full name, age, and hometown. Email me if you are interested in being interviewed!

  22. Hi….Iam suffering with sinus infection. I used many treatments but no use. Now I got solution by go through this post. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  23. Hi! I have a wretched case of sinusitis. I started my colloidal silver protocol some time ago. I’m even taking it internally, some days up to 3 ounces,. (I will drop back down to one) I was flushing it up my impacted left side, but it seemed to have hit a standstill. I was worried that perhaps it was making it worse. Did you find yours got worse before it got better? I’m two weeks in, without much relief. I was only spraying once or twice a day. Maybe I should ingest less and blow more. :/

  24. Wish you all the best. It will abate. Fight it like it is fungus and I am sure you will get relief

  25. I can’t believe this helps your sinuses. 3/4 strong coffees per day? For me that would do nothing but dehydrate me and irritate my sinuses even more by the drying effects of the coffee.

    I’ve tried colloidal silver sprays too and they don’t help me.

    The only thing that has helped me is cutting down my sugar intake, lowering my caffeine consumption and also taking anti-fungal tablets twice a year.


  26. Hi Chris,
    It was temporary. I don’t take coffee now really. As I said the main focus was getting the Manuka honey to get through to my nasal blood vessels. Whatever works for you – go for it. I am just trying to share my journey with folks. Each to their own. If it doesn’t work for you so be it. I cannot even remember it as it was so long ago. What I can confirm is that it sucked big time and that I would do whatever it took to sort it. Even taking antifungals that have side effects.

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