Tutorial for Cineform’s first light plus FREE Look Files

I have made some tutorials to help people get their heads around editing with first light from Cineform and have also provided a few Free Luts ( Look files ) as well.

I have provided 12 free looks ………..FREE LUTS

For 300 Looks to add to your arsenal of tools you can get them using PAYPAL as an immediate download right here Looks for Cineform first light Price £ 10 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:15:end]

View the Marcie gallery soon to see what they look like – HERE

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3 Responses to “Tutorial for Cineform’s first light plus FREE Look Files”

  1. i just learned about cineform firstlight and it looks amazing. i’m currently using a 7d. i wonder how the 7d compares against the gh2 in terms of codecs.
    i was thinking of getting a gh2 and then going hdmi out to the new pix220 by sound devices.
    i just bought the neatvideo plugin and i plan on getting the neoscene stuff so i can use firstlight. i wonder how it compares against colorista or colorfinese or magic bullets/mojo?
    any info would be great

  2. If I can figure out how to use it to work with final cut pro, I will buy it. I know it does but but I need some kind of a tutorial on how to go about it to set it up.

  3. Works under the hood so it should work on all platforms without difficulty. Cineform have some tutorials on Vimeo

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