I found some cassettes in the archives

A few years ago after I left Plumtree School in around the late 90s I visited Felix Westwood my former school teacher, choir director and mentor at Plumtree. She has been such a great blessing to so many people over the years and she kindly allowed me to borrow some of the tapes from Plumtree school while I was there. I stumbled upon them again recently and decided to digitise them. These bring back soooo many memories. I have to say that listening to recordings that are over 16 years old is sobering. First these recordings were done using old school dubbing techniques from cassette to cassette so the quality is not great. I had to do some heavy noise reduction to get them even barely palatable. Second – well the singing in most cases makes me cringe especially when I am singing – but this was before we had access to autotune. Thirdly – it reminds us that time flies and it waits for no one. Anyway – for the sake of nostalgia here are some songs recorded in my last prize giving at Plumtree High school. Of note from the night in my memory was Mr Hepburn chastising me for not mentioning the hockey results enough in my headboys speech. I think he was right ya know because I was biased towards rugby he he he

UPDATE – as a result of this post Mr Hogbin who had been at Plumtree for many decades just got in touch. Those of you who went to Plumtree will know that he made all the recordings of the choir and plays – anyway – he sent me a file from way before my time and I will share it pending his permission.

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2 Responses to “I found some cassettes in the archives”

  1. Hi Henry
    This is really great – good to hear your voice – Felicity Westwood had a serious impact on many boys in the school one of whom was I.
    I have to be ever grateful to God for allow ing her to influence my life and as I look back to that time she was the force that brought Jesus into my life. It took a few years for the Holy Spirit to break through and I committed my life to Christ while at UCT studying.
    I am now based in the UK and attend All Souls Church (Langham Place) and really appreciate the Theatre & Musicals that London presents every day. My love for this art form including Ballet was formed way back in 1970 – 1976 under the beady eye of a certain talented Music Teacher.
    We were a privileged group of boys .. God Bless in your ministry – I heard of your role in Spreading the Gospel (as well as your cricket exploits)

  2. Hey Mark, I concur with everything you have said. Special place, special teachers and special men left that school. Felix had a very big impact in my life personally and I reckon were it not for her giving me the opportunities I did in the plays and choir I certainly would not love the arts as much as I do today. God bless her!!!!!I also came to faith in high school and no doubt the school chapel services had something to do with that.

    Sadly it is not the place it once was. Needs some of us Ops to galvanise and try to help.

    God bless my friend

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