Becki and Dave’s wedding

I was just the singer mind you but I had my camera – GH2 PAL and snapped away. Hope you guys enjoy it

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5 Responses to “Becki and Dave’s wedding”

  1. Shooting weddings is not easy hey Henry, i’m about to my first for a friend, scary huh. Much prefer my normal platform a jet jetski…ha.

  2. Hey Rambo – absolutely not the easisiest thing – pressure to get it right – good luck. Have lots of cameras me thinks – that will cover all bases in case one dies, runs out of space or has someone standing in the way he he he This of course was not a pro shoot from me so there was no pressure. I don’t have the bottle to do this professionally.

  3. Thanks Henry, it went well. Had 3 cameras running.

    Bride was happy so that’s all that matters.


    Wedding went well Henry, thanks for the tip on 3 cameras.

  5. Hey Mate. Awesome stuff. Great result.

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