Our Zimbabwe 2011 almost ready for distibution

Well it’s been long time coming but ten years on the anniversary of its release we are doing it again. You wouldn’t believe it but a kind soul called Michael Angel who is also a brother in the Lord has offered to Master Our Zimbabwe for me. And he is asking for nothing in return.

God bless Michael. I will be making a version of Our Zimbabwe available for ‘free’ from here to help the charity. By free I mean that I will be asking for the smallest voluntary donation to my chosen charity, the Mumvuri project. It is an orphan shelter in Banket.

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  1. Hi, how are you doing? I was just wondering what’s happening with the video of Our Zimbabwe for the 10th anniversary? I was one of the girl in the video!

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Dominique Antunes

  2. Still working on it – soon!!!!

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