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Just to add my love for this extraordinary piece of gear. It is at the heart of my studio. I have two and they give the most superlative results. Clean, clean, clean high resolution sound. Nothing comes close when clarity is the goal. Reference transparency is the name of the game. I don’t normally say this to blokes but, I love you George.≷=gb&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-unknown&action=devloc&q=gml+2032

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  1. I apologize if I have sent you this message numerous of times. I just wanted to make sure it was sent, thats all. I appreciate your patience for reading this important letter I wrote. Thank you

    Hi how are you. My name is Nima and I live in New Jersey, United States. Over the years as music equipment and technology changed, I have always had a warm place in my heart to have a personal small but professionally equipment set up so to speak. From the recent times and current and future times, I have only set my list to a very minimum selection. As I spent hard,long and tough times saving funds and acquiring the certain pieces for my set up along the way, the time now came to me finally saving enough for my final piece which would be an ideal recording channel strip. So with my one ideal computer, my two high end mics, and my one a/d/a ideal converter, all I have to acquire is the recording channel strip. It took me about 8 years to acquire just these few things that I mentioned and I have about 3000 dallor “spending” money left that I have saved till currently. I wanted to get your attention on a very specific desperate request on this last item that I believe will not only be my only channel strip but also in some way or another I would be content with this item and I would like to gratefully have one and I have desperately had a hard time trying to find this particular item. This item is the GML channel strip. I might be over-emphasizing this channel strip in my mind or based on its reputation compared to many channel strips out there generally speaking, but if I am accurate to the respect for the item as the same perspective from weathered audio engineers or knowledgable users, then I will confidently still would be grateful for this last addition to my personal set up. I am aware publicly that GML have or may have stopped making their products publicly, and I am also aware there are still GML channel strips out there publicly brand new on pro audio dealer sites whether in the United States or International dealers that still have some inventory of them. I am again desperately trying acquire one but obviously in either brand new-unopened or perfect condition, and if there is any way possibly you might whether 1) have some yourself that you are willing to sell or 2) that you can ask all your resources and folks/coworkers that may have one or 3) even can try getting one from other dealers outside of US that I may not be able to directly contact for this request or 4) if you may have some connections to have some GML channel strips be remade for me; so all you can do is very warmly appreciated. Basically I am hoping and reaching out to you to find one for me. I know its an older product as well, and I know I only have 3000 dallors, but if there is no precisely a better GML channel strip that might be coming out in the future compared to that of the GML channel strip so to speak… and If all is true to the mindset and long term use for the GML channel strips and if this 3000 dallor amount would be godly gracious from you for me to pay for them and acquire them with all the same parts and and basically the original GML channel strip with nothing fake about it physically and internally and to having it not be a knock off, then I would be very very grateful human being to your help. Please let me know. This has been a long wait for me that I have prepared for if possible. Thank you very much for taking your time to read this. Sorry for this long letter. Thank you

    My name is Nima
    My email is if it doesnt show

  2. Hi Nima,
    Nice to hear from you. I am so sorry to hear about GML and their hardware production issues. Just so you know transparency is not something I use a lot in my own small home studio nowadays – this post is a few years old now – except on the master bus – the GML 2032 shines there – I have flavours from API, EMI, Neve and Helios for vintage colour. So just for the record – if I want to capture something clean now, I do it away from my studio usually. Sampling for Nebula, sampling instruments or recording my projetcs – Pianos, drums etc. especially in a nice room. The GML pres shine in that environment. Now to bring perspective if I can give you some advice – I use a 1073 for vocals because the colour suits my voice and the mic combo. The GMLs were too hard for the combo. Took me a few years to accept that. Very high resolution and wonderful sound no less but nothing mythical or gear lust worthy. Just clean, clear transparent gain and EQ. If you do country, bluegrass, jazz, classical or any recording where reference transparency is needed – go GML. But if you do rap, hip hop, use lots of sample libraries, loops and work mainly in the box, then the GML is probably overkill in that situation because to make the mix gel, you sometimes need colour – and it has none. There are many options out there for clean transparent and if you are not working very high end – I would stick to nice and clean pres like the stuff on the Prism soundcards which do a similar thing. You can get the Lyra 2 for something just over thousand and a half pounds now. . That will give you two pres on par with the GML stuff IMHO and fall within your budget. I have a Prismsound Orpheus so can vouch for that – even the Onyx preamps on Mackie boards are said to be on par with GML – sorta. Then perhaps buy the DMG Equilibrium which gives you the GML 8200 emulation. Or buy the GML EQ on UAD – just anounced. That will give you the EQ section – sort of.

    But if you are dead set on getting a new GML 2032 ( The price keeps increasing ) then I would imagine Ebay is your friend. You never know – send George Massenburg an e-mail. The couple of times I e-mailed him, I found him to be gracious, friendly and approachable – he may point you in the right direction – he is best placed to get you a new one – it’s his stuff after all and he may have a stash somewhere he he.

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