Heard from Mr Hogbin the other day

For all the boys who went to Plumtree High School in Zimbabwe in the mid 70s, eighties and nineties you will no doubt know who Mr Hogbin or ‘Pin’ is. The wonderful chemistry teacher who was also involved in the backstage stuff during the plays also did most of the recordings at the school. Well after my post of the old reecordings word got to him and he kindly provided a stunning recording from before my time.

Mr Hogbin is now in Botswana and has made a life for himself there. May I say he will probably have the most imacculate garden in the block if my memory serves me right. He hated us hitting sixes into his garden from Pattison field he he he

His final words to me in his e-mail were ……… Enjoyed the prize giving performances on your web site. Thought you might like this one. Long before your time. I am trying to digitise a number of recordings of the school choir but lack time and expertise. All on a cassette tape I made over the years called “Plumtree Sings”

Best wishes,

….Mr Hogbin hopes to do a few more when time allows and when he does I will be more than glad to host them here for the world to remember. Thank you Sir and bring em on. Now – I don’t know if Mr hogbin is into social Media but if he is and you did go to Plumtree do say good day to him and thank him for these free recordings. I was so blessed to hear from him and I am sure you will too. The move to Bots hasn’t always been the easiest so show him some love.

And here it is.

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One Response to “Heard from Mr Hogbin the other day”

  1. Awesome stuff listening to sounds of Plumtree School ..what an awesome school we went to.
    I wanted to check if anyone has recordings of us doing warcries or war cry practice or anything ..i would love to hear the sound of Plumtree Men doing some of the war cries we had in the early 90’s.
    And if anyone got recordings of the play Joseph and his technicolour dream coat done in about 92 or so.


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