Our Zimbabwe 2011 is finally here!!!

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The Live performance is from a few years ago and is not on the single but for your listening pleasure. If you can ignore the bum notes. It was recorded to DSD.

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This is a 124 MB download.

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This is a 33 MB download.

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I am very excited to release this new version of Our Zimbabwe ten years after the original version captured the hearts of many patriotic Zimbabweans. A lot of hard work went into producing this single and this time around I had the privilege of working with a very talented producer Andy Wright. The mastering was handled by the wonderful skills of Michael Angel a man who did this for no reward but just to lend a helping hand along the way. Thanks to them for doing a sterling job. Andrew Baird had some rehashed arrangement work, Bruce Izzett made an appearance playing the organ and James Watson played electric guitar and ebow.
You will find three files in the download. A flac file which is a 24 bit studio quality file for audiophiles that requires compatible hardware/ software. I recommend Korg’s free Audiogate software if you do not have high end hardware or software and it will use the built in sound card of your computer. I have also included a CD quality mp3 file and finally a sing along file. The Karaoke file is something that many people have been asking me about for years so I have included this so that people can use it to sing at parties, functions etc. please note that it is a mono file and is not suitable for high quality production. Any commercial use is not permitted but I can supply a commercial license on request with a high quality stereo file.
The original version of our Zimbabwe is still available to purchase in mp3 format in my my web store and the skills of Andrew Baird will lead to my releasing some more material in the coming months that I worked on with him recently. Please keep checking my website for updates and follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you wish.
Thanks so much for supporting me by buying my music. Best wishes and please kindly recommend my music to others. God Bless you.
Henry Olonga

Our Zimbawe 2011 full info with website links PDF

2 Responses to “Our Zimbabwe 2011 is finally here!!!”

  1. Hello Henry
    First of all congratulations! My wife Sandy and I very much enjoyed your talk and singing performance at the Rotary Conference in Chester yesterday. As ex-Zimbabweans we felt both sad and proud at the same time. You made a great impression on our club and emphatically demonstrated how great our country could have been. As you said, most Zimbabweans are wonderful people who do not ask for a lot. They just want a voice, an equal opportunity to realise their ambitions and to live together in peace.
    Like you, we feel privileged to have grown up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. It made you and us what we are; and we are grateful.
    It was a great country once; yes there were problems, but people of all races, colour and religion are willing to work together to sort them out. The current regime has acted only in self interest and their methods are nothing less than reprehensible. However, change cannot be far away. Zimbabwe can be the new ‘Rainbow Nation’. Let us pray that this will be so and that the suffering of so many will not have been in vain. One might add that you (and others like Andy Flower) are to be commended for the stand you made. We sincerely hope that also was not in vain.
    Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet you personally yesterday; maybe another time.
    Kind Regards
    Oliver & Sandy Lewy
    PS: I tried to download your song
    ‘Our Zimbabwe 2011’ … unsuccessful so far, but will try again. We also intend to buy your book and would be grateful if you would inscribe it for us. Many thanks.

  2. you are my true hero,proudly zimbabwean,big up to you bro….

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