The Console strip for Nebula released

The console strip for nebula is now available along with a plethora of other new products. I have been working very hard to bring great Nebula programs and presets and all my presets reside here in my new webstore.


I am also a member of the official Acustica forum and can be found here on this thread.

Acustica audio forum

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  1. Hello! Could you explain a little bit? I started from buying your The Console Strip – Electric Guitar, and can`t understand what it really does, I mean, I hear of course sound changing, could you clarify what does it include? You said it has four modules, then what? Should I make traditional eq after that or not necessary? Thanx.

  2. Hi Yan,
    Sorry for the delay. If you Google the API Channel strip you will see that it has four modules. I sampled all the modules as one from input to output but did not include any compression or EQ. It gives you the sound of the strip or the Mojo. So you can use software tools to add whatever you want before or after the Nebula preset and you will get it’s sound come through on all your material.
    Take care

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