New Nebula Presets released!!

For those of you looking for new tools to add to your mixing arsenal go over to my site and get some awesome tools includeing the mojo of a CL1B and a massive passive.
Nebula Presets


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  1. Thats cool Henry, my friend is currently going through you new offerings as I write and its great to see you’ve extended the range to cover vocoders and exciters amongst other things. I’ve enjoyed your freebies very much and recommended he check out your sonic arsenal. I can tell he’s spoilt for choice and filling up his basket with glee.
    I was wondering if you could get your hands on any quality multiprocessors? would nebula be able to cope with its many processes. I had a behringer ultramaximizer and although I wouldn’t recommend it for the treatment, a classA equivalent which could do a similar job would be something a bit different that I havn’t yet come across in the nebula world

    Keep on rocking

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