Canon 5D

canon_5d_01 Went around to ASK Electronics here in london off Tottenham Court rd and got myself a Canon 5D Mark II – they had 2 in stock and one without the lens kit.I had been hearing all the rave and hype made about this camera and Vincent Laforette’s shoot a few months ago had me almost shelling out for this camera.The low light performance is insane and the still pictures are unbelievable.I will be taking tons of stuff on this baby during the summer to make my short films and music videos so watch this space and the video section on the main web page.
If you have no idea what the quality of this camera is then go ahead to and check out all the vids made by this baby.It is insane how good it gets.The one bummer was no manual control – and guess what Canon have addressed that with a new firmware.Guess the collective number of voices across the world had forced the hand of the company…… 24p would make this camera a true competitor to the higher end stuff.I am still interested in a GH1 hack to get a direct sensor feed in the Andromeda style that was done to the DVX series of Panasonic cameras.(It is not possible to get any decent live feed from the GH1 HDMI port at this stage so I have abandoned that idea.That would be very interesting to explore.Imagine shooting raw sensor data to a computer with this baby.Rumour has it that an Irish company may well be interested in this mod.Well I am in if this can be pulled off…………..want my deposit?Problem is cannot trace them down.

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