Free transparent Analog panning impulse responses

I have not given much free stuff away over the years on the site so this is the start of a new era.I made these analog panning impulse responses for my own mixing purposes and thought they were too good not to share.
The great thing is that they allow you to get beyond the limits of pan law within your DAW and can add great width and precise placement in your mixes.The impulse responses are CPU light in your convolution reverb and they sound good as they were sampled at 96 Khz.Obviously the source materials original panning will affect how these impulses respond.
Don’t be fooled by how small the impulses are.Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You will need to kill the dry signal and have wet at 100% and obviously needs to used on a stereo track – N.B source can be mono.

If theses files are useful to you please leave a comment


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3 Responses to “Free transparent Analog panning impulse responses”

  1. I just tried your panning impulse reponses and I gotta say they sound great.

    What setup did you use to capture them? (console, A/D converters…etc)

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Lee,
    Glad you like them.I have a Prism sound Orpheus,Mackie Onyx 1220 desk and just used the trial version of Voxengo deconvolver to deconvolve to get the impulses.
    Should have more fun stuff to come in the future.

  3. Hello, I am curios about I.I.R. applications and speaker simulation, using Q-Clone or Nebula Or Voxengo plugins; I mean from your great skill, it would be great to be able to emulate different monitor system (HR1824, ns10, auratone, genelec, adam, ems, headphones,…), keeping in mind the limits of the real monitor couple , supposed enough linear of course.There was a directx plugin working on line as demo but never working installed, “System sound modeler” by Bobtail, and now dead (?!?…), it seemed to do this.
    Sorry if I am OOT, coming back to the reply, I am a newbie working with IR, how to use your panning impulses, with Q-Clone or Voxengo deconvolver? How to use to tune a crossfeed system to work with a virtual Nearfield monitor using a real headphones?
    Thanks much, Mauro
    P.S.: my wife is from Zimbabwe, how is life now there? Best Regards

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