Free Q-clone impulse responses – High end eq

All my presets are now here

NB THE FREE SAMPLES I GAVE AWAY WERE FOR A LIMITED TIME. I do have lots of free samples on the site so look around.

For those of you who own Waves Q-clone it is surprising that the web has few and far between impulses of high end gear.As a user of the plugin and also Acustica Audio’s nebula I will be sampling gear to make available for free over the next few months.I will get the ball rolling with this high end eq and I mean high end.It borders on being transparent and it is ubiquitous in most studios around the world.Of course I could only sample at certain settings otherwise I would be here all year so I went for what I felt were the most useful to me. It is made available to you sampled via Prismsound orpheus convertors with my own DIY high quality cables.Hope these are useful as well.Just unzip and place in the q-clone presets folder.

Demo of samples

Check out my first commercial release here for £10.

If theses files are useful to you please leave a comment.


This is a picture of Graham Boswell – maker of arguably the best convertors on the planet – prismsound. He was at KMR when George massenburg addressed gear lovers in February of 2008.


My audio hero – just wish I could get my mixes to sound even a quarter as good as his – well time and experience hey………….and using his hardware must help..he he

13 Responses to “Free Q-clone impulse responses – High end eq”

  1. Henry,

    many thnx for the impulse files..sounds terrific and indispensible for me as of right fkkin’ now..plug-ins(emulations even modelling) just don’t sound right to me..I can’t mold sound with those…to my ear plugs add on top of the sound and q-clone is the only sht that to my ears works from within the sound(can’t explain..but you know what I mean)..also there must be a reason why you don’t call names on the sampled eq front(just give us a hint what model it might be..if I owned enough gear I could have guessed at it I think)..I haven’t checked out the pannings yet..everything about capturing ir’s is about the converters and I myself am still internally debating whether to cop a metric halo or prism(I’m curently in the dreaming phase with those purchases..I don’t even have a home right now)..and fck I have been browsing for the ‘missing’ q-clone presets(eq4, eq5, eq6) nowhere o be found not even in the official waves demo’s(that’s how I got to your page)..anyway many thnx if nobody gives a sht I will chime back at you to show you what I did with it(still have to check out your music too)..peace

  2. Hey chd,
    Glad they helped you.The impulses come from a very transparent eq that is found in most studios.Some would say from the ‘creator of the parametric eq’ basically – google that and you will figure it out.This is the preamp plus eq hardware box released about four years ago I think.I sampled just the EQ section as it can be separated from the pre-amp.
    Oh by the way – hope you find a roof over your head soon.Best wishes

  3. thank you for your efforts much love from the UK

  4. Hey mate – hope it comes in handy

  5. Dear Henry
    Thank you so much for the presets.
    They are amazing!
    Not like just another plug in but really special.
    What else do you have planned?

  6. Hi Nigel,
    Glad they are handy. I have a few other EQs in the pipeline and will have details here soon. Keep checking back as and when you can.
    All the best.

  7. Hey Henry ,

    i tried your free preset…..and all i can say is : WOOWWWW.

    thanks a lot for your amazing job , i think a lot of people appreciated.

    i’m gonna buy for sure some of your commercial release

    all best

  8. You are amazingly awesome for making these presets. They have helped some of my troubled recordings so much. I am amazed at your genorosity. You RULE!!!

  9. Hey BB,
    Q-clone is a dark horse in many studios and many do not know how good it is. It requires some patience but the sound is awesome……and the CPU footprint is not so big either.It is also the most stable plugin I use.

  10. 1. Some great tones and sounds, dude!
    2. If you changed the name order around,it would be so much easier to use q clone as an eq device.

    Namely, changing preset names so that it says:
    1 kz -12db
    (instead of -12db 1khz).

    Honing in upon frequencies, then upon what db you cut or boost would be the thing to do when using this stuff, don’t you reckon?

  11. Hi Bobby, You are probably right.
    I tend to use q-clone for boosting. I do supply some cuts but that would double my work. I use Digital eqs like Sonnox for surgical cuts. Way easier.
    My professional libraries have been mainly instrument based with a snapshot of many interactive bands.
    Load them and if the preset works – great. if it doesn’t move on. This is the lazy way to mix in some peoples eyes but I have spent hours getting usable settings so out the box you may be 99 % there and then need a notch here and there. Digital can do that very well. They won’t work on everything but it’s a great fast start.

  12. Are these no longer free? Can’t find any free content.

  13. Are you serious? Check the link called Demo of samples.

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