Q-clone presets in the pipe-line

All my presets are now here

Well I had a few days off this week and I spent about 30 hours creating tonnes of Q-clone presets .I have 1500 to date ranging from kicks to snares to bass – in fact I am trying to cover the bases of most requirements in a studio so I will be attempting to cover the spectrum of useful frequencies.
If I were to choose between Acustica audios Nebula and q-clone I would choose q-clone from a workflow perspective.It is faster,sounds as good has a tiny footprint,use so little CPU on my workstation and uses little ram as well.The problem is one needs access to high end eqs and these are not easy to come by.But Nebula has a vast library of these and they sound fantastic.
There are a lot of people who need to get a mix sounding great fast and the presets I am working on do just that.They sound amazing out of the box.

Anyway I have decided to make these presets available in the coming months for those who care and let me just say before I release anything – you will be blown away at what this plugin can do.It is not a one trick pony at all.In fact it can even sample subtle delays – yes you heard me.Don’t believe me? Well come back in a month or so and you will get them do demo.

I will also be making available a nice little neve box that I own.Amazing quality and the presets just shine.That’s for later though………..I may even have some available before Christmas.

I begin preliminary mixing on my next three albums soon.I reckon we are looking at a mid 2010 release for them.




I also want to give a plug to a wonderful group of developers who are sampling gear to the highest standards.Support these guys as what they are doing is revolutionary.




3 Responses to “Q-clone presets in the pipe-line”

  1. I would very much like to be notified when you release the presets for Q-Clone

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Greg,
    Out now!!

  3. Dear Henry
    I’d be very keen to try more presets.
    Many thanks
    Nigel Saunders

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