Binaural headphone recordings.


A guy called Hugo Zucarrelli recorded some stunning recordings in the 80s of what he called and trademarked as Holophonic sound.
Pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon is an example of the technique creating a very spacious 3D soundstage which is amazing on headphones.Unfortunately all the music I have heard associated with the recording technique seemed to be dark rock or weird esoteric recordings.I would like to have a more mainstream approach to the recording style.It took me years of research to get a decent sound and I think I have become very close to capturing what he did.
These examples are just mp3 snipetts of some tests I did a while back.I will keep adding to the database as I get more material that is guaranteed to fool the senses.

It was very impressive at the time and also very secretive.All we ever know is that he liked to study bats and that Ringo the holophonic head was a closley guarded secert.Tell me how close you think I got with these.


I have made some binaural recordings in the past.This is a taste of things to come – these are the most natural smooth sounds that IMHO can be humanly attained.The orginals are recorded to my MR-1000 at 5.6 mhz so in a nutshell – cannot tell whether I listening to the live microphone feed or the playback it is that good.Get some headphones out and enjoy.

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  1. There are some errors about this article… Zucarelli’s Technology is Holophony… This technique is not a binaural system.. Binaural recordings its defined by arrival times diferenced to create a Stereo kind sound… in Holophony, the sound image is created by the brain, not the ears… It’s analog to Holography on visuals.. The resultant sound is more deep and tridimentional than Dolby or Binaural recordings..

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