Cineform VS AVCHD first generation files


I did a few Cineform vs AVCHD comparisons a while back ( here and here ).I have also done an HDMI capture tutorial to help build a rig and highlight the benefits of bypassing in-camera compression to get a clean image from cheap camcorders.Now I have been asked again to do some kind of torture test.I have no time for that so I will just place some first generation files for all to see what the big fuss is all about.HDMI capture surpasses AVCHD in the areas of colour,sharpness and freedom from codec artifacts bla bla bla.Don’t believe – download my sample files below and try them – you will need the Cineform Codec which you can get here.

The proof is in the pudding so I have made available some first generation files for your perusal.Three of them are a comparison of the same scene shot simultaneously.One long AVCHD file and the two Cineform files – sorry – it was snowing here.The rest are well – hopefully a nice selection of different subjects that I hope will put this argument to bed.If you think AVCHD can look this good then sample these.As for me – I think the quality speaks for itself.These are large files so be patient when downloading.

Hope this helps some of you to ascertain the quality.I suggest that for the ones with cinemode (The flat/low contrast Canon in-camera setting) you take them into Cineform’s first light and play with them.Especially the horses in the field.Not the snow field….he he.You will be amazed at the leeway you have with a 10 bit file.It colour grades beautifully.Oh and yes – I know the HFS10 has aliasing and yes the start of each file has some wierd interlacing lines (because Cineform has to guess the cadence and it takes a second or two).A better camera would give better results………but come on – this is turning a relatively cheap consumer camera into an expensive one without forking out the thousands right………………………it’s still a consumer cam…..remember it’s only just on a grand now for an HFS10.

Horses in snow

Horses in a field

AVCHD comparison file

Cineform comparison file 1

Cineform comparison file 2

Vivid car wide

Vivid car tight


Sheep in snow

Trees and snow

3 Responses to “Cineform VS AVCHD first generation files”

  1. Hi Henry, I just checked out your HDMI Howto on vimeo – nice stuff. Anyway I wanted to email you some photos of a rig I have made. I had a slightly different challenge (portable wireless video transmission in sport) but the design process was somewhat similar.

    The photos I want to send you are about a flightcase I designed but the weblink I provided is from a miniture version of the same system.

    Let me know if you are interested in seeing the pics.

    jan (amsterdam)

  2. That’s Awesome Jan – Genius in fact.I have been toying with the option of going wireless with one of the Gefen products but the expense is not justified.I love DIY but man what you have done is simply amazing – way above my abilities.

  3. Hi I have sent you an email today. Hopefully it arrives ok.

    HDMI accross cat5/cat6 network cables is what I would consider integrating in a flightcase. In practice the most important thing is a Laptop shade I have a hoodman but I will be designing a shade for tablet pc which i will be making publically available.

    If you look at the link you will see that I have been trying to initiate some businesses in Southern Africa. I have yet to find something that makes sense.


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