The best Nebula producer on the planet

Hey guys – just thought I would let you in on a little secret that is well known in some audio circles. There is one developer out there who stands head and shoulders above the rest in the sampling world and his name is Michael Angel. he is one of the nicest chaps I have had the pleasure of dealing with and his stuff is absolutely first class. Don’t waste money on buying inferior products for more cash. This guy makes the best libraries for Nebula and you can support his amazing work here at his website. . He also happens to be a man of great faith which I admire greatly.

His libraries are the best value in the whole world of pro audio and once you get your head around nebula it is just hands down the best software effects machine period. It does eqs, compressors,reverbs and much more and costs a pittance.

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  1. Dear Henry
    I cannot use nebula at present because I am on a quad G5.
    Could you sample some more nebula presets so I can run them in Q clone?

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