Mammoth EQ from ANALOG IN THE BOX!!!

Well guys – it is finally here. The most anticipated release of 2010 in the nebula community is here – it is called the Mammoth EQ and it is released by Analog in the box. This EQ is the nuts and it is the sweetest thin I have ever heard in the box if I may so. I have been beta testing it and it is the best emulation/sampling bar none that I have ever heard of this make of eq. Never harsh and always respectful of the audio.
If you own nebula and are a mastering/mix engineer who works ITB – this is a no brainer – in fact – at 15 Euros, it’s a steal.

Long live Nebula!!!!!! What are you waiting for go and buy it…… you won’t regret it.

2 Responses to “Mammoth EQ from ANALOG IN THE BOX!!!”

  1. Hey
    Any Q-clone samples for those who cant use nebula?

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Will have some more stuff definitely up this week but probably not this one – in the pipeline. By the way – I posted a really cool shelving eq last week.

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