New EQ for Q-clone

Got a really nice one out now guys,

Buy it as an immediate download using Paypal with just a few clicks right here

Titan EQ Q-clone Pack Price £ 12 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:22:end]

Check it out
Warm and woody, vintage and retro. You will love it.

Nebula presets emulation list

I get requests once in a while about which hardware was sampled in my online shop. For those wishing to get their heads around what I sampled for Acustica Audio’s Nebula download the PDF list below check it out.

Best wishes

GML 2032 – Sharing the love


Just to add my love for this extraordinary piece of gear. It is at the heart of my studio. I have two and they give the most superlative results. Clean, clean, clean high resolution sound. Nothing comes close when clarity is the goal. Reference transparency is the name of the game. I don’t normally say this to blokes but, I love you George.≷=gb&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-unknown&action=devloc&q=gml+2032

Our Zimbabwe 2011 almost ready for distibution

Well it’s been long time coming but ten years on the anniversary of its release we are doing it again. You wouldn’t believe it but a kind soul called Michael Angel who is also a brother in the Lord has offered to Master Our Zimbabwe for me. And he is asking for nothing in return.

God bless Michael. I will be making a version of Our Zimbabwe available for ‘free’ from here to help the charity. By free I mean that I will be asking for the smallest voluntary donation to my chosen charity, the Mumvuri project. It is an orphan shelter in Banket.

Had a blast today on the sofa


Had a blast today on tms. No no no not test match special.

Daniel, Tom, Rosy and Sb were so cool to hang out with. Thanks guys for having me. Sponsor these guys. This is great cricket coverage with a humourus twist. Loved it.

Had the chance to chat about the newly released paperback edition of blood sweat and treason.

My book out now in paperback

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Hey Guys, just thought I would let you all know that my book Blood, sweat and treason , my story , is now in paperback format. I have been truly humbled by the reponse to my autobiography. It has been nominated for three British book awards in the last 11 months ( never won though ) and I have very positive feedback from people who have read it. So thank you all for supporting me and I really hope that you have found my story worth reading. Thanks to the media and my publishers as well who have been wonderful in their support.

The paperback edition and also the newest hardcopy has an extra chapter bringing everything up to date so if you haven’t yet purchased my book you can get extra. Waterstones have kindly offered to stock the book better this year so do support them if you get the chance.

Waterstones website –

Paperback version

Waterstones website –
the ebook version

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Add real Film grain to your projects for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a Five second long free Full HD AVI film grain overlay that I made the other day using some real film scans that I am using in my projects.


It is in the Cineform Codec and you need to download the codec for Mac or PC from their website.

Simply drop it into your NLE and use the OVERLAY transfer mode on your track and Voila. Instant film grain.

I will have some 4K versions up soon as well. I have just had a baby daughter so life gets a little busy. Enjoy and let me know if you like them!!!!!

New Free reverbs for Acustica Nebula Pro 3

Hey Everyone. This is a drums reverb for Nebula and it absolutely kicks some serious you know what when it comes to giving your drums a space. It has depth, 3D quality, power and life. Sampled at 96 khz this is a serious CPU hog but there are no compromises here. Sorry – if you have a slow computer – good luck. It also weighs in at 270 MBs so make sure you have plenty of RAM and a cutting edge computer.

Give your tracks dimension and depth that other reverbs cannot give. Distortion is also recorded so this will give your track power like nothing else. I hope you like it.

I really need to fix the preset as it was one of the first attempts at sampling but alas it is in the wild already. I must apologise to one and all who had the shock of their lives on loading it so after downloading and please apply this fix.

First turn the FX slider down to taste. From the nebula front page Click edit – top right corner. Click glob – third from left on the bottom. Click on the Pad out setting so it is highlighted. Adjust to -40 db using the second fader on the right ( or decide what the sweet spot is for you). Make sure that the Pad in setting is 0. That should buy you about 12 or so dbs.
If it is still too hot adjust the PAD in setting as well. Turn it down as much as needed.
Click exit. Click save – top right hand corner. Job done. . This works on a per preset basis of course and you can use it to adjsut other troublesome presets like some more of my ahem earlier presets attempts.

Best wishes.




Get my second free preset DRUMS INTIMATE HERE

I will be attending Zimfest this year all going well

For all the Zimbos out there – I have been invited back to Zimfest this year thanks to the team at ‘We Zimbabwe’. I will be giving a short talk on the Friday and also signing books and singing on the Saturday fingers crossed… hope to see you there – 3rd and 4th of September – details to follow

New Our Zimbabwe release on the way……………….

Sometime before this year is over I vow – fingers crossed – to do a new release of ‘Our Zimbabwe‘. The orchestration was mainly done by Andy Wright who has produced Simply Red, Pavarotti and many others. He has given it a fresh take and to my ears anyway, it sounds wonderful……….

I will also include Nkosi Sikelela in the release

You can also order the original Our Zimbabwe in mp3 format quickly as a download using Paypal here

Our Zimbabwe (Original) Price £ 3 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:16:end]

or in my online store securely with a credit card if you don’t use Paypal here

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