Our Zimbabwe 2011 is finally here!!!

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The Live performance is from a few years ago and is not on the single but for your listening pleasure. If you can ignore the bum notes. It was recorded to DSD.

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This is a 124 MB download.

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This is a 33 MB download.

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I am very excited to release this new version of Our Zimbabwe ten years after the original version captured the hearts of many patriotic Zimbabweans. A lot of hard work went into producing this single and this time around I had the privilege of working with a very talented producer Andy Wright. The mastering was handled by the wonderful skills of Michael Angel a man who did this for no reward but just to lend a helping hand along the way. Thanks to them for doing a sterling job. Andrew Baird had some rehashed arrangement work, Bruce Izzett made an appearance playing the organ and James Watson played electric guitar and ebow.
You will find three files in the download. A flac file which is a 24 bit studio quality file for audiophiles that requires compatible hardware/ software. I recommend Korg’s free Audiogate software if you do not have high end hardware or software and it will use the built in sound card of your computer. I have also included a CD quality mp3 file and finally a sing along file. The Karaoke file is something that many people have been asking me about for years so I have included this so that people can use it to sing at parties, functions etc. please note that it is a mono file and is not suitable for high quality production. Any commercial use is not permitted but I can supply a commercial license on request with a high quality stereo file.
The original version of our Zimbabwe is still available to purchase in mp3 format in my my web store and the skills of Andrew Baird will lead to my releasing some more material in the coming months that I worked on with him recently. Please keep checking my website for updates and follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you wish.
Thanks so much for supporting me by buying my music. Best wishes and please kindly recommend my music to others. God Bless you.
Henry Olonga

Our Zimbawe 2011 full info with website links PDF

Music rollout begins this week

My long worked on projects are almost there and I will begin the rollout starting tomorrow with Our Zimbabwe

Our Zimbabwe 2011 almost ready for distibution

Well it’s been long time coming but ten years on the anniversary of its release we are doing it again. You wouldn’t believe it but a kind soul called Michael Angel who is also a brother in the Lord has offered to Master Our Zimbabwe for me. And he is asking for nothing in return.

God bless Michael. I will be making a version of Our Zimbabwe available for ‘free’ from here to help the charity. By free I mean that I will be asking for the smallest voluntary donation to my chosen charity, the Mumvuri project. It is an orphan shelter in Banket.

I found some cassettes in the archives

A few years ago after I left Plumtree School in around the late 90s I visited Felix Westwood my former school teacher, choir director and mentor at Plumtree. She has been such a great blessing to so many people over the years and she kindly allowed me to borrow some of the tapes from Plumtree school while I was there. I stumbled upon them again recently and decided to digitise them. These bring back soooo many memories. I have to say that listening to recordings that are over 16 years old is sobering. First these recordings were done using old school dubbing techniques from cassette to cassette so the quality is not great. I had to do some heavy noise reduction to get them even barely palatable. Second – well the singing in most cases makes me cringe especially when I am singing – but this was before we had access to autotune. Thirdly – it reminds us that time flies and it waits for no one. Anyway – for the sake of nostalgia here are some songs recorded in my last prize giving at Plumtree High school. Of note from the night in my memory was Mr Hepburn chastising me for not mentioning the hockey results enough in my headboys speech. I think he was right ya know because I was biased towards rugby he he he

UPDATE – as a result of this post Mr Hogbin who had been at Plumtree for many decades just got in touch. Those of you who went to Plumtree will know that he made all the recordings of the choir and plays – anyway – he sent me a file from way before my time and I will share it pending his permission.

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Aurelia release available now here via Paypal

In 2006 I released my first studio Album. I worked with the wonderful record label producer Robbie Bronimman

It has had steady interest over the years and now I am making it available for the first time as high Studio Quality 24 Bit Flac files for those who enjoy high quality music.

Aurelia 2006 CD Quality Flac Price £ 10.00 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:18:end]

You can get it on iTunes

The mp3 version is available here as well

Aurelia 2006 MP3 format Price £ 7.99 [wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:17:end]

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Nice positive press review of a concert I sang in

Once in a while a kind soul says something really nice about my performances………..trust me – this is rare in modern Britain so I am truly humbled by such a wonderful review. Anyway – I was in Wales for a concert a while back and this is what they said.

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Two more days to go to Blood, Sweat and Treason

Two more days to go to the release of my book

Not long now ……..blood sweat and treason

Blood, sweat and treason will be hitting the shelves on Monday and it’s hard not to have mixed emotions. When you open your life up in such a way I suppose the scrutiny is a little wierd. Anyway – I hope it is a success as it has almost cost me my eyes – all this proof reading………….

Two new Q-clone libraries guys

All my presets are now here

I have just added two more libraries to my arsenal.

Transparent Filters These filters will give you a shockingly clear mix so that rumble, mud and high frequency sound are eliminated. Emulated on one of the most expensive digital consoles ever made. This is a bargain. Fiver

Win a copy of Blood sweat and treason.

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

Blood sweat and Treason - Henry Olonga

I am doing a competition on facebook that will allow you the chance to win a copy of my up coming book Blood,sweat and treason. You will need to be my friend to take part of course.

The competition is simple. Download the mp3 file on my wall and make your own version of Our Zimbabwe and the winner gets to own the book and few other things thrown in. There will be runner up prizes as well so get cracking.

All the best and have fun – passion is more important than quality