Happy new year and more q-clone magic


All my presets are now here

NB: THIS POST WAS FOR A PROMO PERIOD THAT RAN OUT MANY MONTHS AGO. There are still some free samples to demo here.

Happy new year everyone and to start the year on a good note I thought I would surprise you with six new q-clone packages.About 2400 odd audio snapshots in total.
Enhance your investment with q-clone by adding these presets to your colour palette.The links are near the pictures at the bottom of the page.

Check out my first commercial release here for £10 in this post.

ALL PAYPAL purchases go here

Check out the Free High end tracking eq blog post

Demo of samples

The first is my colour suite.I have sampled lots of stuff in my studio and a studio I visited to make these babies.There is some Crazy good stuff here.Most of this is application driven whereas the rest are just settings snapshots with the odd application.Stuff I didn’t know q-clone could sample like short reverbs which adds a depth unlike anything I can describe.Check out the ‘odd stuff’ folder if you are into sound design.

Some will be useful to you in some situations and on others – walk on by.Remember there are no rules – guitar presets can work for vocals or synths etc.Experiment.As with all the previous samples I gave I suggest you add the files to a folder outside your Waves Q-clone folder as having them all in there slows it’s loading time.( only bummer is q-clone defaults to the last opened location ) The high end eq release is useful in the Waves folder in case you wish to add anything to your loaded preset like a cut/dip or boost.Overall however I suggest for you to use the open dialogue instead of the preset drop down menu.Up to you.

PLEASE note – there is a bug in Q-clone that sometimes has the volume go to either 12 dbs or -48 dbs.Just set the eq back to 0 and save it.Also because of this please make sure you trim your track input by maybe 10 – 15 dbs.You don’t want a nasty shock……………there are also some really loud presets so please take care when loading them.

Couple of suggestions………..
1st – suggest (again) to use the load ( open preset dialogue ) instead of downloading them into your q-clone presets folder.On windows set the open dialogue box to – right click – view – list.This will make all the presets visible.Dunno about mac.

2nd -obviously these are no good for tight notches and don’t work on everything so augment their use with your other eqs.An example may be that you like a preset but it is too bassy.Well simply use another eq to sort that out or remove resonance etc..

3rd – I suggest use these first in your chain on a track.Obviously the buss stuff is exempt but I find that with the tight kicks for example – if I compress after the Q-clone preset with a good compressor like CL 1B or sonnox dynamics,it sounds crazy good.

The rest are high end EQs.Enjoy… and let me know if these help you mix better.

All my presets are now here





15 Responses to “Happy new year and more q-clone magic”

  1. Wow, man. Thanks for this wonderful effort and project. I can’t wait to try them out!

  2. My pleasure man – let me hear your beats when you are done

  3. hi
    first of all thanx for sharing this impulses
    cauz there’s nothing on the net!
    got only the 7 days demo of qclone
    but i will buy it in few days
    hope there’s more to come

  4. Hey Stephane,Glad you like them.I will be making a clone of a Neve particle 5**3 eq if get my drift.I find I can mix a whole lot quicker with these impulses.Have fun and once you buy Q-clone I hope I will add value to the product for you.

  5. hi
    just wanted to know if you gonna
    make some libraries for nebula?

  6. Hey Stephane – I have been in touch with Giancarlo about beta testing NAT3 and so I may sample in the coming months.Time is tight though but I am sure I can make some nice packages.
    Best wishes.

  7. Hello friend,
    it seems to me your email adress works not. Is this:


    I wanted to send email but it came back. I would so like to have your impulses for 10 bucks, i really have enough frust wiht my mixing. I am very thankfull, if you want to sell them. You seem to be great person. Thank you for sharing with all my heart!

    God belss !!!!!


  8. Dear henry,

    I would like to thank you for the time you spent

    transmitting those high-end gear. I really appreciate it.

    Im wondering if you have cloned preamps such as the

    1073 – or avalon 737.

    Thanks alot.

  9. Hey mate,
    My pleasure – check out nebula for pre-amps. Q-clone cannot model the dynamic nehaviour of a preamp but nebula is amazing.

  10. Henry,

    Damn I see you have been busy on the qclone front…I’m taking your word for it and checking out Nebula..I’ve never got it to work though..I want to download the new flavours you put on but them links is dead(it’s says can’t display page..)..I’m glad I regularly check back at your site and all your efforts are much much appreciated…also a tenner for all that analog mojo is no money..I will cop soon..peace

  11. Hey Henry – you are clearly a top man and thanks so much for taking the time to capture these pieces of equipment, but I can’t get the download links to work… I’ll check back regulary… thanks again.

  12. If you say you are going to post free q-clone presets then please do so…we are still waiting…

    not some demo crapola or some merchant link crapola…

    otherwise McDonald’s is hiring so get your resume/cv in there now!

  13. Dude – there is a link to a few thousand here. These are free and I later made some commercial libraries. I had a free download period beginning of last year and that has been over for a year.

    If you want the commercial libraries – there are available. If not then you can demo the libraries I make right here. The link is easy to find if you look. I dunno what the problem is…..

  14. Hey Henry,

    I just purchased the Q-clone for an easy $48, but haven’t tried it yet.
    These libraries of yours are full of presets for this plug? There are 2000 free and you also have some others for sale? Your prices certainly seem fair enough.
    So would you say that a guy may not need to buy a Waves API or SSL bundle with all your presets, or is that a whole new ball game altogether regarding sound quailty?



  15. Hi James,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Of course you mileage may vary so take my opinion with a pinch of salt as I am a developer who sells this stuff. But hand on heart my honest opinion is that you will get a better mix with q-clone than with the algorithmic plugins. Value for money comes into the equation as well and I will endeavour to keep my prices low as I release more stuff.

    The two major differences between my sampled stuff and Waves API and SSL offerings is that firstly I am sampling the real deal as opposed to modelling the hardware. That is an advantage as far as authenticity goes. The disadvantage is that tweaking the q-clone presets is not trivial without hardware.It can be done but it requires patience, so in the case where I have not sampled the bands extensively, it may be that you don’t like my settings and changing them is not as simple as pulling a knob around. They are also snapshots so you do not get any sort of dynamic behaviour such as distortion ( which some digital eqs model ) but that can be added using plugins anyway.

    When I set out to sample my presets I really wanted to make sure that I could mix quickly with them. So I used templates of varied instruments and vocals and recordings to try to cover as wide a base as possible and listened critically for many hours while I tweaked the hardware. I have sampled almost 7000 presets to date for all sorts of situations so chances are you can get a preset for every situation. Familiarity with them will come as you use them often. The names are pretty accurate in that scrunch is a crunchy eq while smooth is well – smooth. In a nutshell, I use the best of all worlds. I use high end algorithmic eqs, Waves, Sonnox, VSL etc, I also use my q-clone presets and Acustica Audio’s nebula. Horses for courses really – every song requires it’s own treatment so having all these tools in my arsenal surely helps. One thing is true though – I doubt I will ever spend above £ 30 for a software eq ever again – and I bought the Sony oxford eq for powercore when it was £ 250!!!!!!!!!

    I have sampled some API and SSL stuff as well but not as one single package, in the colour mix pro bundle. All in all when it is said and done if you must tweak every millimetre of sound my presets may not be for you. But if you want quick excellent sounding starting points, then depth, dimension and genuinely analog sound will come through these presets. I add a bit of nebula tape to take off the edge and also bounce down through hardware and you would think that I mixed through an expensive desk IMHO. Hope this helps.

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